Everything starts early...

Even as a baby Melina started having contact with horses. She inherited the Love for horses from her father, who has always bred showjumping horses and who was in a younger age a successful showjumping rider. At the age of four, with Pamela her first Pony, she competed on her first show. Than came Pony Suleika a very competitive Pony, that made her more eager to continue competing.

Trained by her father, Melina achieved a lot of success and started winning many golden ribbons. At the age of fourteen Melina rode her first Grand Prix with a gelding, bred by her father. Her success leaded her to become a member of the German Team, representing her country in Junior Championships.


For Melina there is no world without horses

She studied at the German Equestrian Federation, where she got the Certificate, to educate young riders to become professionals.

Stall Pius Schwizer

Pius Schwizer

Pius Schwizer,  Leader of the world ranking list of showjumping in 2010, saw the potential in this 17 years old rider and had her come to work for him in his world famous Showjumping Stable.

" Pius has a fighting spirit and strong discipline. He gave me not only the possibility to compete with many different horses, he also gave me the Knowhow to optimize my riding ."

Stud Dobel (Otto Becker )

Melina´s next career step was in the south of Germany where she trained and led young horses and breeding stallions to the top Level. At the same time she learned everything about modern breeding, blood lines as well the marketing and handling of breeding stallions.

Paul Schockemöhle/ Gestüt Dobel

Paul Schockemöhle

Based in Mühlen, Melina became more experienced in Paul Schockemöhles well known Showjumping Stable.

"Supported by great trainers I learned everything I could about the training of showjumping horses, the showjumping presentation and the marketing buisness ."

Because of her knowledge she was chosen to be part of the team to represent and ride the horses at the Holsteiner Auction.

Qatar Equestrian Federation

At the Baumeisters riding facilities, Melina became responsible of the management , training and showjumping presentation of the horses from the Qatar Equestrian Federation. Doing this period in her career she achieved many important victories in national and international competitions. Melina also trained one of the Qatar Showjumping Teams and took it to the top Rankings, like the international 5-Star show in Wiesbaden.

" A great Moment to have worked with the top trainers and veterinarians in the Equestrian World "


Phoenix Bay Equestrian Club (Chongqing/重慶市)

Having heard of Melinas success with the Qataris, the Chinese Equestrian Federation got in touch with her, for her to train selected Chinese riders in every aspect before going to the Asian Games. During her stay in China, she competed at the Longines Global Championstour in Shanghai and the China World Cup where she ended up among the top ten .

"Very exiting time in my Life, being a whiteness on how the equestrian sport in China is developing and the growths for the Love of the equestrian sport ."


Nationenpreisreiter Manuel Alvarez

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