Success Story - chinesischKhejaim Faraj Al Marri

成功案例Khejaim Faraj Al Marri

Khejaim Faraj AL Marri对Melina的评价

“When I started training with Melina I just had a new horse. In the beginning the combination with my new Sport-
partner didn´t worked out but because of her support and knowledge we became a strong team.”


Khejaim Faraj Al Marri


“She always has an idea out of her experience to improve my riding skills, so we always found a Solution in the sense of fairness to a living animal.

Melina’s ambitious personality, her feeling for Rider and horses and the way how she Support me, makes it possible to achieve my equestrian goals.

I appreciate her not only as a Rider and Coach, also as a person who tries every day to get the best out of it.”

Khejaim Faraj Al Marri



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