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Khejaim Faraj Al Marri

Success Story
That says Khejaim Faraj Al Marri about Melina

“When I started training with Melina I just had a new horse. In the beginning the combination with my new Sportpartner turned out to be a bit difficult. With her goal-oriented training and her dedication, Melina has managed to combine my horse and me into a strong team.”


Khejaim Faraj Al Marri


“She always has an idea out of her experience to improve my riding skills, so we always found a Solution in the sense of fairness to a living animal.

Melina’s ambitious personality, her feeling for Rider and horses and the way how she Support me, makes it possible to achieve my equestrian goals.

I appreciate her not only as a Rider and Coach, also as a person who tries every day to get the best out of it.”

Khejaim Faraj Al Marri


Khejaim Faraj Al Marri  achieved already great Results with his horse Monopoly.
Short time ago I won a medal for his Emirat Qatar at the “Emir Sward international Show” in Doha/Katar.

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