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Coaching in China

Melina faced a unique and new challenge – China.

She supported the  Phoenix Bay Club in Chongching (重慶市), a city that is currently referred to as the world`s largest, not just as a Rider and Coach, she gave them some
tips to optimize their management.
Of course the beginning was not easy, because the language and cultural differences are
obstacles which seems insurmountable.

With hard work, endurance and a strong team behind was it possible to each step by step
more results. In good  cooperation with the German Equestrian we was able to achieve the
“German Cerificate” . The test for the students went 3 days and was judged by Germanys  Hanno Vreden (FN)


“I`m very thankful to make this experience and for all the trust in my work!”
To see how the world and the industry works on the other site of the world,
that`s a great enrichment.  Also it is fantastic to see how the equestrian sport
brings people with different cultures together.”


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