Career and Career History

Everything starts early...

Already as a little kid Melina made contact with the horses. She inherited the horse virus from her father, who successfully breeds sport horses. In the age of four Melina rode her first show with her pony pamela. It followed the Pony Suleika, but the first medals had some time to wait.  A fact that Melina´s ambition did not diminish, quit the opposite.

They found together and achieved many golden medals in dressage and jumping tests. Lanciano was the name of Melinas Junior Success-horse, father Johannes was the breeder and Melina educated him by herself. With the gelding Melina rode in the age of 14 her first Grand Prix and they achieved a lot of success in junior Championships for their home country Germany.

Melina bei der Nachwuchsarbeit

Career Station

It should be a life with horses…
Early on, Melina was clear that her life was about horses.
So after completing her school education, she started a education to become a professional Rider FN.

Pius Schwizer

Stall Pius Schwizer
 After successfully finishing her vocational training, Melina took the lead in the Worlds famous Show jumping Stable from Pius Schwizer , who was 2010 the leader of the World-ranking list of Show jumping.

" Pius lives in fighting spirit and discipline. He gave me not only the possibility to ride many different horses and optimize my riding, I also got the necessary know-how with me on my way."

Gestüt Dobel

Melina´s next career station led her to the south of Germany. She trained and present young horses and Breeding stallions up to top Level. Besides she learned everything about the modern breeding and blood lines as well the marketing and handling of Breeding

Paul Schockemöhle/ Gestüt Dobel

Paul Schockemöhle

Melina was able to get more experienced in the well known Showjumping Stable from Paul Schockemöhle and was based in Mühlen.

"A very instructive time where I got a lot of support from great trainers, learned a lot about the appropriate training of the horses, their Showjumping presentation and the marketing."

In addition, Melina was given the opportunity to cooperate with the auction of the Holsteiner association which expands her experience again.

Qatar Equestrian Federation

A successful and eventful period followed for Melina on the riding facility of the Baumeister family. Melina was responsible for the management, training and Showjumping presentation of the horses from the Qatar Equestrian Federation. She successfully presented their horses and won many front placements at national and international Competitions. Melina also trained a Qatari Showjuming Team and helped them to top Rankings , as for example at the international 5-star show in Wiesbaden.

" A great time which gave me many opportunities to work independently and purposefully."


Phoenix Bay Equestrian Club (Chongqing/重慶市)

The cooperation with the qataris aroused in Melina curiosity and enthusiasm for foreign countries and their cultures. Especially for the continent Asia. This was the way to china. During a 3-month stay, she was both a rider and a coach and supported her students energetically with the necessary know-how.

"For me personally an exciting and impressive time, in which I could collect many new impressions. Great to see how the equestrian sport in China takes enormous development and the interests for the Sport get higher meaning."


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